Applications of lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonate is a natural polymer derived from lignin. Because lignin does not have a good solubility in water, it is converted to lignosulfonate during a chemical sulfonation process. Lignosulfonates are used in concrete production due to their high water solubility, increase the strength and durability of concrete structure, and reduce the volume of water required. Their mechanism of action is based on the dispersion of cement particles in water. Other applications of lignosulfonate include fertilizer production, oil and gas drilling, ceramic industry, soil stabilization, adhesive production, and more.


The main application of lignosulfonate is as a concrete plasticizer, which is used as a water reducer and increase the slump number of concrete. As the number of slumps increases, the concrete becomes smoother and the pores of the concrete are filled without losing its properties. Also, due to the reduction of water to cement ratio, the strength of concrete increases. However, with the excessive use of lubricants in the concrete mix, we will see more separation,slowing down and dripping.


The addition of organic fertilizers provides the nutrients needed for plant growth and also increases the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients, which also increases fertility and soil quality. The micronutrients needed by the plant include nitrate, phosphate, potassium, calcium, sulfur and magnesium. Calcium lignosulfonate, which is one of the most effective organic compounds, when added to soil, will make it easier for water to penetrate the soil and retain water in the root zone. Lignosulfonates also decrease the surface tension, and so they can be easily adsorbed on a material’s surface. Because fertilizer particles have similar electrostatic charges, they repel each other. Therefore, particle aggregation is prevented, and a homogeneous material is formed. Another effect ofdecreasing the surface tension is to cause air to be incorporated into the material .

3.Oil drilling mud

One of the most important stages of exploitation of oil and gas fields is drilling and oil extraction operations. If drilling is done at sea, suitable rigs should be located at sea level and the necessary facilities should be provided for drilling at sea. In order to drill a well and lower the depth of the well, the presence of drilling mud alone is not enough to prevent the well wall from collapsing. Therefore, in these cases the hollow steel pipe is connected to the well wall with cement. Lignosulfonate is a cost-effective solution to strengthen cement structure and prevent solids from coagulating. Calcium lignosulfonate is stable at high temperatures (250-150 degrees Fahrenheit) in wells during drilling. Therefore, calcium .lignosulfonate can be .used in cement used during well drilling

4.Brick and Ceramics

The use of lignosulfonate in the production of ceramics, refractory bricks is effective in improving product quality and energy consumption. The plasticizer properties of this substance improve the mixing of materials and also reduce the amount of water consumed. As a result, less energy is required for polishing, drying and cooking. Also, lignosulfonates, by having adhesion properties and improving mechanical properties, increase the resistance of ceramics and thus .reduce cracking in the final product

5.Dust suppressant

Today, agricultural engineers and experts mainly use chemicals to stabilize the soil. However, lignosulfonate is known as an environmentally friendly soil stabilizer. The adhesion of lignosulfonate causes the soil particles to coalesce and prevents water penetration and surface erosion. As a result, it has been used in recent years as a simple and .costeffective solution in road construction


Lignosulfonate is used as a natural adhesive due to its adhesive properties, especially in medium to high


  • Gluing animal feed grains to improve feed quality
  • Adhesion of activated carbon particles, which leads to increased resistance

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Applications of lignosulfonate