Product introduction

ARS-P740, is a strong polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer and high range water reducer containing 40% of solid materials, which is developed for concretes with a water to cementitious materials ratio above 0.30. This product improves dispersion of cement particles through reducing steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion. Due to that, it shows higher slump retentioning compared to the lignosulfonate-based and naphthalene-based plasticizers. This admixture is designed to be utilized in high quality mortar, Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC), High Performance and Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), and high-strength concrete. 


  • Reduce concrete permeability
  • improve workability and slump retention
  • Enhance concrete compaction and durability
  • Improve pumpability
  • Reduce water to cement ratio
  • Decrease bleeding and segregation of aggregates

Consumption order

  • Best time to consume: 5 min after concrete mixing
  • Time required for impact: 10 min after addition
  • Proposed dose: 0.3-1% weight of cement

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