Product introduction

ARS-L605, is a relatively strong lignosulfonate-based plasticizer and water reducer containing 25% of solid materials, which is specialized for concretes with a water to cementitious materials ratio above 0.48. This product improves pumpability and creates high slump retention, which makes it suitable for the use in concreting in hot weather, mass concreting and transport of concrete for a longer time. This admixture is suggested to be utilized for the production of concretes having the compressive strength of 20 to 35 MPa.


  • Reduce concrete permeability
  • Enhance workability and slump retentioning
  • Decrease bleeding and segregation of aggregates
  • improve pumping performance
  • Reduce water to cementitious materials ratio
  • Enhance concrete compressive strength and durability

Consumption order

  • Best time to consume: 5 min after concrete mixing
  • Time required for impact: 10 min after addition
  • Proposed dose: 0.6-1.3% by weight of cement

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